West Florida Region

The West Florida Regional Planning Council supports the region of Northwest Florida by planning for and coordinating intergovernmental solutions to growth-related problems, providing technical assistance to local governments and meeting the needs of communities across the region.

Executive Director: Terry Joseph
Website: http://www.wfrpc.org/

Apalachee Region

The Apalachee Regional Planning Council (ARPC) was created in 1977 as an association of representatives from the local governments within its planning district. Membership of the Council includes the counties of Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Jackson, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Wakulla, and their 28 respective municipalities.

Executive Director: Chris Rietow
Website: http://www.thearpc.com/

North Central Florida Region

The North Central Florida Region includes 11 counties and 33 incorporated municipalities in the north central portion of Florida.  Containing nearly 7,000 square miles of area, the region is characterized by its abundant natural resources, which include the world-famous Suwannee River, the marshes of the Gulf Coast, cypress swamps, upland forests, a large number of clear turquoise springs, and other physical features.

Executive Director: Scott Koons
Website: http://www.ncfrpc.org/

Northeast Florida Region

The Northeast Florida Regional Council’s land area covers 4,428 square miles and the population surpasses 1.5 million. Forty-three percent of the Region is dedicated to agriculture, two percent to industry and commercial use, thirteen percent is otherwise urbanized and the remaining forty-two percent is covered by a variety of other uses.

Executive Director: Brian Teeple
Website: http://www.nefrc.org/

Withlacoochee Region

The Withlacoochee Region takes its name from the scenic Withlacoochee River which forms part of the boundary of each of the five counties in the region. The Withlacoochee Regional Planning Council (WRPC) was created in 1973 through an inter-local agreement between Citrus, Hernando, Levy, Marion and Sumter Counties. Recognizing their common interests as rural counties in transition, they formed the WRPC to respond to their needs as a planning region. These include balancing growth and development issues; maintaining the character of the Region; preserving its environment, and planning for orderly growth to avoid the types of land use problems historically experienced in other areas of Florida.

Executive Director: Michael Moehlman
Website: http://www.wrpc.cc/

East Central Florida Region

The Central Florida Region has 119 miles of Atlantic Ocean beaches, significant amounts of sensitive environmental lands, critical ecosystems and strategic habitats. There is also a growing cluster of ocean and coastal research and technology facilities including Dynamac Corp, Florida Institute of Technology, Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation and many more.

Executive Director: Hugh Harling
Website: http://www.ecfrpc.org/

Central Florida Region

The Central Florida Regional Planning Council (CFRPC) is a planning and public policy agency which works with public and private leadership in the Central Florida Region to acheive a healthy and sustainable future. The Council’s primary mission is to provide support to the citizens and counties of our region and to seek ways to improve the quality of life of the citizens of the Heartland.

Executive Director: Patricia Steed
Website: http://www.cfrpc.org/

Tampa Bay Region

Since 1962, the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council has brought together local governments and gubernatorial appointees to coordinate planning for the Region’s future, while providing a venue for analyzing issues, resolving problems, and sharing solutions among the 43 jurisdictions in Hillsborough, Manatee, Pasco and Pinellas Counties.

Executive Director: Manny Pumariega
Website: http://www.tbrpc.org/

Southwest Florida Region

Since its creation in 1973, the Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council (SWFRPC) has worked with local governments to protect natural resources and promote the creation of jobs within our six-county region.

Executive Director: Margaret Wuerstle
Website: http://www.swfrpc.org/

Treasure Coast Region

The Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council operates a number of programs and services for regional planning and economic development designed to satisfy the needs of its public and private sector customers and foster the healthy and orderly growth of the Region.

Executive Director: Michael Busha
Website: http://www.tcrpc.org/

South Florida Region

The South Florida Regional Council’s mission is to identify the long-term challenges and opportunities facing Southeast Florida and assist the Region’s leaders in developing and implementing creative strategies that result in more prosperous and equitable communities, a healthier and cleaner environment, and a more vibrant economy.

Executive Director: James Murley
Website: http://www.sfrpc.com/

Florida Energy Resilience Strategy

Florida’s eleven Regional Planning Councils in association with the U.S. Economic Development Administration, U.S. Department of Energy and the Florida Office of Energy are identifying strategies to diversify Florida’s energy future and reduce reliance on foreign energy sources. Increased domestic energy usage means domestic jobs.

Website: http://www.florida-energy.org/

Regional Evacuation Studies

The purpose of a regional evacuation study is to provide emergency management officials with realistic data by quantifying the major factors in hurricane evacuation decision making. These data are provided as a framework of information that counties can use to update and revise their hurricane evacuation plans and operational procedures to improve their response to future hurricane threats.